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Friday, February 5, 2010

What A Blessing!

Today was very special for me.

17 employees met in our board room early this morning to have a short prayerful "sending Forth" ceremony. A couple of weeks ago we had challenged our employees to make a difference for Haiti. Together we raised $13,050.00! We asked God to multiply it 100X per the scripture in Mark 4:8. We met and prayed together and agreed to ask God to grant our request. We believe the money will be used to feed the hungry, cloth the poor, heal the hurt, provide housing for the homeless, and hope for the orphans.

There were not too many dry eyes in the room when we were done. It was a mountain top experience.

We also announced an initiative to send two employees to work in Haiti to help with the relief work. Several employees expressed interest in going and asked questions about getting passports.

What a great group of people to work with. As I said, What A Blessing!

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