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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pros For Africa

Last night Raynell and I attended the Pros For Africa fund raising event at the Governor's Mansion. The pavilion was jam packed. A fun night for a great cause. Adrian Peterson, Mark Clayton, Roy Williams and Tommy Harris were all in attendance. Tommy Harris sang Happy Birthday to the President of East Central University. That was a classic, Tommy can sing and they should get him on American Idol!

During the auction I found myself bidding against Governor Henry for a mission trip to Uganda. The bidding got very intense and I quickly learned I was in a no win situation. Should I out bid the Governor of Oklahoma?

If I out bid the Governor would that be considered political suicide? If I stop bidding, after running the price up, would the Governor be upset because now he has to fork over big money? How do I get myself into these situations? Thank goodness his term is about to expire!

What do you think I did?

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  1. I would be shocked if you said bidding against the Governor stopped you. I think that you would have loved a challenge like that. I think you kept on bidding. Will you tell us who won? Fran