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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Met Courage Today!

Today was an incredible day. It was jammed packed from start to finish. It was one of those very intense days...full of stress, no time for lunch, no time to return calls. You all know the type of day I am talking about, we all have them.

But, I don't think I will ever forget today. Not because of my meetings but because I was richly blessed. Today, I met Courage up close and personal, his parents named him Taylor about 24 years ago. Just a few months ago Taylor had the world by the tail, he is a good looking, fit, young man with a beautiful bride, a promising career, a new home and a personal relationship with God. What more could you ask for?

Tragically, about 30 days after returning home from his honeymoon he started loosing his eye sight. Now 4 months into this ordeal, visiting the best doctors, specialist and even the Mayo Clinic, his sight is all but gone. But Taylor is not a quitter. He is still fighting, still hoping but he is also smiling and he is accepting his life and moving forward. He believes God will bless his life one way or another. He told me today "I am closer to God than I have ever been in my life".

He is determined to overcome this challenge and make the most of life. Will it be easy, heck no! But, he believes he can and he also believes he can use this tragedy to help make this a better world. With his bride at his side he smiled, laughed and expressed how thankful he was for the support he has received. His loving, caring, encouraging bride was a perfect picture of a Godly wife.

His mom was there too and I thought how tough it must be to see her son face this challenge...but how proud she must be that he has the courage to not quit, but to overcome.

I met Courage today and his name is Taylor. God Bless you Taylor and thank you for inspiring me.


  1. I can relate to Taylor's family a little bit. About 3 years ago, my son had an accident that looked like it was going to cost him his eye. Three surgeries later and a few issues and we are still believing God for complete recovery. I remember the the first 2 days. I felt numb. Worst 2 days of my life. If it was easy, everybody would be an overcomer. Everybody wants to be "David" when the giant is dead. But nobody wants to face a living, breathing, yelling, killing Goliath!

  2. GOD IS WONDERFUL!!! To hear Taylor's story really touches and impacts me. I know there are many days through my "rough patches" when I get discouraged and see no hope. If Taylor can go through loosing his sight, faced with fear AND still stand strong and upright in his faith... Who am I to moan over my frivolous ordeals?!? I pray that our Lord bless Taylor and continue to give him the strength to spread his word. Amen.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I am a friend of Taylor's sister, Morgan. She is just as amazing as her brother. She is great at keeping us up to date on his progress. We are praying for a quick recovery. He is such an example of courage!

  4. My family and I are friends with Taylor and his family. They are truly unique and a very close family. They put God first in their lives and it shows in their actions and interactions with others. When we moved to Oklahoma from Houston, we were blessed to become neighbors with this wonderful family.I know that God's hand is in this situation and that He will take care of everything.

  5. I would like to add that not only has Taylor's incredible faith AND his parent's faith impacted my life, but It also has touched the heart of our little community. I can't help but wonder, "Would I be that strong if it were my son?" I pray that I would as I continue to pray for blessings that only God can provide in Taylor's life.