Ross A. Hill: Is Your Life Complicated?

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Is Your Life Complicated?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes we tend to make things too complicated. I believe this tendancy produces confusion, frustration and stress in our lives. Instead, we should boil things down to the simpliest equation. Simplicity produces clarity. With clarity it is much easier to decide what, when and how we are going to accomplish something. As an example, should I buy a new home? The first question should be, "why do I need a new home?" Followed by, "how much more can I comfortably pay?" Then, "can I buy what I need for what I can pay?" These are easy questions to answer. The Bible calls it "counting the cost".

Want a better life? Boil things down to the basics and make decisions based upon simple truths. You will make better decsions and life will be far less stressful.

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