Ross A. Hill: Compassion Part 2

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Compassion Part 2

On Friday, I asked our employees and directors to give to the Haiti relief effort by giving to Compassion International efforts in Haiti. As I explained to our staff the need is greater than any of us can imagine. The loss of life is substantial, the injured number well into the 10's of thousands and the loss of homes, business, infrastructure and churches are too numerous to count. All of this pain and need in a country where the average family's income about $200 a month.

Our people responded with a huge outpooring. I was taken back by their generosity. It was heart warming.

Have you helped? Did you respond to my earlier appeal? Did you respond to the world wide appeal on TV last night? $59 million dollars were donated last night alone.

I was out and about today, in several stores and people were spending money like there was no crisis. The people of Haiti need our help. They are our neighbors and neighbors help neighbors. It is scriptural to help the poor. God wants us to help.

If you have not helped, I strongly encourage you to help. Your gift will provide hope to the people that are desperately in need to of help. No gift is too little, no gift will be enough, but every gift will provide hope and encouragement.

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