Ross A. Hill: Another Huge Winter Storm Causes Huge Problems!

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Huge Winter Storm Causes Huge Problems!

Yesterday, I was going around telling everyone how much I hate Winter. Two huge winter blast this year. As you may know, Raynell and I were stranded Christmas Eve for over 5 hours on the highway. Yesterday and this morning I spent over an hour scrapping my windows and helping others scrap their windows. Lots of reasons to hate winter!

Then it hit me. I am blessed beyond belief! At Christmas Tom O'Keefe and his brother-in-law Doug came to our rescue. They picked us up, took us home in the absolute worst blizzard I have ever experienced in my 57 years. Two days later Bob Frasher picked me up and took me to get a 4-wheel drive vehicle. He loaned it to me so we could get around!

Yesterday, Ken, Luke and Frank were out starting every one's cars, scrapping windows and getting the cars warmed up and ready for the drive! They did this to my car on Christmas eve! If winter had not come, I would not have received these blessing! I guess winter is not so bad after all. We are truly Blessed!

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